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Cookie Policy


Cookie Policy

applicable as of 31 August 2019.

The Cookie Policy of Grupa Pracuj was executed in the Polish and English language. In the event of any discrepancies between the Polish language version and the English language version, the Polish language version shall prevail.

This document referred to as the Cookie Policy defines the rules of using by Grupa Pracuj sp. z o.o. (“Grupa Pracuj”, “we”, “our”) cookies and other similar technologies on the websites of the Grupa Pracuj addressed to employers and HR specialists, including:,,,,, (“Websites”).

This Cookie Policy is a supplement to the Privacy Policy pertaining to the processing of personal data recorded and stored using the cookie files employed by the Websites.

The Data Controller with regard to the personal data recorded and stored using the cookie files employed by the Websites is:

  • • in the case of our own cookie files, i.e. the cookie files sent from the web domain of our Websites ( — Grupa Pracuj; contact address: [email protected] or the address of our Data Protection Officer: [email protected]
  • • in the case of third-party cookie files, i.e. the cookie files sent from our partners’ web domains other than — Grupa Pracuj or our partners respectively. Detailed information on the data controller of the personal data recorded and stored using the cookie files employed by our partners can be found here.


Cookies are text files saved by the web browser on the hard drive of your computer or any other device in order to store information used for your identification or saving the history of activity on the Websites.

Besides cookies, we also use a number of similar technologies, such as:

Facebook Pixel is a tool for measuring the effectiveness of Facebook ads on the basis of analysis of your activity on our Websites.

Device identification involving the analysis of the collected information on your device (web browser, operating system, installed plug-ins, time zone, screen dimensions, system fonts and other set-up parameters) using the operations based on statistics and probability, as well as assigning a common identifier to these data connected with the use of a given device. Such actions are aimed at user identification (e.g. identifying the same user of a number of devices). We use such information to identify you as a website user.

For the sake of clarity of information contained in the Cookie Policy, all of the aforementioned technologies are hereinafter referred to as cookies.


We use cookies differing by both their lifecycle and their original web domain.

Due to their lifecycle, we classify cookies into:

  • session cookies — deleted immediately once the web browser is closed,
  • persistent cookies — removed after a pre-set time, regardless of whether the browser is closed.

Due to their original web domain, we classify cookies into:

  • our own cookies — set by web servers of our Websites,
  • third-party cookies (cookies of our partners) — set by web servers of websites other than our Websites.


Providing you with the requested services (necessary cookie files)

We use our own cookie files in order to enable you to log into your account on the Websites, access services available exclusively to registered users of the Websites and smoothly navigate the pages and subpages of the Websites without the necessity of repeating the authentication process every single time.

Increasing the comfort of using our Websites and services (necessary and analytical cookies)

We use our own cookies in order to enable you to use our Websites in a comfortable way, e.g. by limiting the number of messages and their adjustment to your activities and preferences. Moreover, we use cookies to check the safety of the information system and to remember your preferences.

Optimization of our Websites (analytical cookies)

We use third-party cookies (e.g. Google Analytics, Google Analytics 360, Google Optimize, Google Tag Manager, HotJar, Oracle Eloqua) in order to, for instance, count the visits on the Websites, record their duration and identify functionalities or sections of the Website that were most extensively used or visited, as well as the manner in which they were used by specific users. The collected information allows us to analyze the Website capacity and identify the tendencies in development of new functionalities and services.

Displaying advertisements matching your preferences (advertising cookies)

Our cookies and cookies of our partners (e.g. Google Ads, Facebook Pixel, Oracle Eloqua) are used for the purposes of running marketing and remarketing campaigns reaching you with our marketing communication, if you have already visited our Websites. Such cookie files remember your visits and activities on our Websites. The collected data are subsequently transferred to our partners (third-party providers).

We use cookie files of our partners to send you push notifications through your web browser. We also use cookie files of third-party providers to identify you for the purposes of web push notifications.


Our cookie files and cookies of our partners can record and store the following kinds of your data:

  • • data of your device (such device ID, MAC address, IP address, operating system, device settings, including particularly language settings, screen resolution, type of web browser);
  • • data on your visits on our Websites (such as time and duration of a visit, visited subpages of our Websites, searching details);
  • • data of your location (upon your consent);
  • • information about advertisements you viewed, including web links you clicked.


You can define the conditions of storing or acquiring access to cookie files by adjusting the settings of your web browser or the service (e.g. by using the “opt-out” functionality in the case of our partners’ cookies). This way you can revoke your consent for cookie files to be used by Grupa Pracuj or our partners or object to processing of your personal data recorded and stored using such cookie files.

The “Help” section in the menu bar of your web browser contains information on how to reject new cookie files, delete cookies that have already been saved, request a message each time a new cookie file is saved and disable all cookies.

Find out more on our website:

and in the information on cookie files of our partners

In order to keep the highest standards of our services, we would like to inform you that changing the settings by rejecting cookies can make it difficult or even impossible to use some of our services.