What can you do in our company?

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What can you do in the Sales Department of Grupa Pracuj?

You can work with Clients managing HR departments in their companies and responsible for recruitment process and employer branding. Who do we search for? We search for people eager to build good relations, focused on development and demonstrating enthusiastic attitude to their work. What do we offer? We offer a strong team, friendly and informal atmosphere, working comfort, flexible operations and a chance for everyone to fulfil their goals in their own individual way. We are open to creative solutions and believe that to err is human, but we also expect that our people take responsibility for completion of the preset goals. Recruiting new people to our Department, first of all we verify whether they fit our style of work and cherish similar values. We stick to the “fair play” principles both towards Clients and towards one another, so we do not tolerate unhealthy competition, which, by the way, is not needed, as our career paths are very clear and transparent. Interested? Apply!

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What can you do in the Customer Service Department of Grupa Pracuj?

Customer Service Department in Grupa Pracuj consists mainly of optimistic and unique people for whom work means much more than fulfilling your duties from A to Z. We never say “it’s not possible” and we know no tasks that “can’t be done” 😉 Every day, we do what we do best – we take care of the CLIENT’S SATISFACTION. Where will you start? First of all, you will learn the details of our systems and operating principles of the site. Afterwards, you will cooperate with our Clients in the implementation of recruitment and employer branding projects. Are you still wondering whether it is the right place for you? If you like teamwork, never doubt that you can do it and are a cheerful person, it certainly IS! In return, we offer a chance to gain valuable professional experience in a unique atmosphere of our Department!

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What can you do in the Product Development Department of Grupa Pracuj?

The answer is simple: you can do what you are most enthusiastic about and what gives you true satisfaction! You can design the most user-friendly and convenient applications helping people to find employment. You can learn the secrets of such technologies, as Web Api, CQRS, EventBroker, RavenDB, Nhibernate, Hadoop, MongoDB, MVC (not to mention „the classics”, such as .NET or MSSQL), securing the desired levels of maintainability and complexity indices. You can make friends with Angular, tame the CSS and maintain the appropriate LINT image of our applications. If you are a devoted nitpicker, our applications will be more than glad to undergo your tortures with Selenium, iMacros and other tools, which will make you certain that everything is just as it should. You will face millions of requests, terabytes of data and crowds of users counting on your help. It is just a small bite of what awaits you if you dare join our Team. Don’t think we’ll tell you about all the cool stuff right away – come and see for yourself!

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What can you do in the Marketing Department of Grupa Pracuj?

Thinking (loooots of thinking!), testing and implementing projects related to promotion and image of our brands, everyday communication with users, clients and employers both online and offline. We work with the best. We are always up-to-date. If we don’t know how, we learn, but we usually know how, so we are a demanding partner. We bet on diversity. We have people who describe the world with images; we have people who prefer words, but we also have people who speak numbers. We know there is life beyond the Internet, so we find time for our passions. Some of us read books, some are brilliant dancers, some love Star Wars or visit Portugal every year since they fell in love with it. If anything you’ve just read is a warm spot for you, apply for a job in our Department. Who knows, maybe you are one of us?

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What can you do in the HR Department of Grupa Pracuj?

You can contribute to the unique atmosphere and recruit unique people. Working for our Department, you will deal with recruitment, staff development, remuneration and benefit systems, personnel or payrolls. We recruit employees to our Warsaw headquarters, as well as to 12 regional offices, using modern tools, such as online recruitment systems or video interviews. We measure the level of satisfaction of our employees, analyse their opinion about Grupa Pracuj as an employer and continuously implement improvements that strengthen their commitment. We are close to people and know what makes them motivated and what makes them frustrated. We are committed and hard-working, as we know not everything can be done right away, but the sum of small things produces grand results. If you are truly interested in HR and want to help other employees caring about the goals and development of the company, our Department may be the right place for you.

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What can you do in the Finance & Administration Department of Grupa Pracuj?

Can you talk and think in numbers? Is finance the field you are most interested in? Law is your passion? In our accounting, financial analysis and legal departments, you will have an opportunity to face challenges and thus gain knowledge and valuable experience. If you are an optimist who likes challenges and tasks aimed at optimisation of working conditions and you want to have impact on the environment you work in, join the administration department. You will have an opportunity to work with the best and learn how to manage the office in a professional way and “put out the fire” quickly. Administration does not mean tonnes of paperwork and sitting at the desk all day, but rather interesting projects among positively-minded people. We can help you develop your skills and become an expert in your field. Z nami rozwiniesz swoje umiejętności i staniesz się ekspertem w interesującej Cię dziedzinie.