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CSR of Grupa Pracuj


Pursuing our business goals, we act with full responsibility towards our partners and employees and actively participate in socially oriented undertakings promoting good market practices. We would like to present our corporate social responsibility activities in 6 fields.



People working in Grupa Pracuj particularly like its unique atmosphere, including informal communication between the managers and employees, flexibility regarding the working hours, values we all share and careful listening to what the Employees have to say.



In our customer relations, we particularly focus on clear and transparent terms of cooperation and providing the most effective recruitment solutions. We share with Clients our knowledge about the job market, recruitment and employer branding.

Poszukujacy pracy


For people searching for employment, we attempt to provide the largest possible number of reliable job offers in Pracuj.pl. We offer advice and knowledge on how to effectively find a job and shape one’s professional career.

Otoczenie biznesowe

Business environment

Representatives of Grupa Pracuj are glad to share their knowledge about the job market and recruitment with journalists. Every quarter, the experts from Grupa Pracuj elaborate “Professional Job Market” reports describing the current job market situation. The reports are available in the Grupa Pracuj Press Centre.

“Friendly Recruitment Coalition” is an effect of collaboration between the eRecruiter brand and partner companies that supported eRecruiter development. The Coalition created the Code of Good Practices in Recruitment intended as a guideline for the HR environment, defining the principles that should be followed in the recruitment processes.

Natural environment

Natural environment

Grupa Pracuj undertakes numerous activities aimed at protection of natural environment. We sort recyclable waste, cooperate with providers of environment-friendly office supplies, do not use plastic cups, save paper and have motion detector lighting systems in toilets. In order to reduce the CO2 emission, we limit our business travels and prefer video conferences.

Zaangażowanie społeczne

Social commitment

We support initiatives and undertakings aimed at offering equal educational opportunities and support in entering the job market.