For candidates

More than job offers

Career development and job change is a process.
We support candidates at every stage.

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For employers

Not just recruitment

Hiring the perfect candidate is a complex process. We support recruiters and employers in selecting recruitment tools to facilitate hiring of the best-matched staff.

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We create the HR industry

We believe in education of the HR market

We focus on knowledge-sharing and integration of the HR sector. For many years we have organized key events for recruiters.

JOBICON online Job Fair

We organize the biggest job fair

JOBICON is an interactive event bringing together thousands of candidates seeking inspiration for change, with over 140 employers. This is a regular event combining universities, business, technology and media.

HR challenges

A place to share knowledge and inspirations

Platform for sharing substantive knowledge and inspirations, designed primarily for HR practitioners in large and medium-sized companies.

Labour market reports

We focus on professional knowledge

We constantly conduct researches about changes occurring on the labour market. We share the results in our reports on the attitude of candidates and employers, and the constant changes on the recruitment market. Materials prepared and commented on by our experts provide a valuable contribution to the discussion in key media.

Social responsibility

We help by driving positive change

For more than two decades, Grupa Pracuj has been true to the company’s mission
of creating a good future for talent in Poland. Our strength is having consistency
in developing an HR environment adapted to the requirements of
an ever-changing labor market while putting social issues at the center.
We actively co-create and support initiatives for professional and modern recruitment,
the development of digital competencies, counteracting inequality,
and shaping a sustainable environment.

Our key social goals are:
Disseminating knowledge
in the field of professional
development and the
labor market
Equalizing opportunities
in the labor market
Supporting the
development of
young talents
Supporting educational
initiatives in Poland

We financially and substantively support the most important educational projects
involving elementary and secondary school students. We also organize
scholarships for young Poles in the fields of IT and new technology studies.

We engage hundreds of Grupa Pracuj team members in social activities by funding
internal grants for them to conduct their own social projects, while
cooperating with more than a dozen public benefit organizations annually.

We promote positive attitudes and transparent recruitment, countering stereotypes
and prejudices through regular surveys and analyses.

We are also increasingly turning our attention to climate change, which can also
significantly affect the careers of future generations.

CSR activities

We seek to achieve equal opportunities

We encourage groups struggling with difficulties on the labour market caused by stereotypes, institutional and social barriers, or tough life situations. In 2021 we began cooperation with the “Success Written in Lipstick” Foundation, a leader in professional activation of women. In the joint campaign “I am success!” we organize webinars and workshops, and prepare educational materials and reports, all focus on supporting women in their professional development and breaking through the glass ceiling.

CSR activities

We support IT talents

Since 2015 we have supported young tech talent via the Batory Foundation Scholarship Fund. Since the start of this initiative, we have supported 55 students—young people from underserved communities who have qualified for the initial years of university studies in computer science and new technologies. Scholarships are dedicated to high school graduates who are socially engaged and aspire to pursue a career in key fields for the future of the labour market.

CSR activities

We engage young people in social projects

Since 2019 we have been partner of Beyond Theory, olympiad which encourage high school students from Polish schools to organize social projects and gain skills for the future. Over 2,800 campaigns have been held so far in the project. Grupa Pracuj has also supported initiatives such as the Beyond Theory group of teachers, the School Ranking, a guide to remote learning, and lessons plan on key principles for joining the job market.

CSR activities

We promote climate initiatives

By active participation in the evolution of the labour market and the Polish economy, we observe climate change impacting the environment and the atmosphere. We were involved in launching a countdown billboard displaying the current number of remaining coal-burning furnaces in Warsaw, as these polluting devices are being replaced by the end of 2022 under the city’s anti-smog resolution. As of September 2021 there were still nearly 15,000 in operation.

CSR activities

We engage our team

Through nine editions of the campaign called “Aid with W@W effect,” we have encouraged our staff to apply for grants for socially beneficial projects. In 2020 the project focused on measures combating the negative impacts of COVID-19. The committee selected 22 projects which were able to assist 324 people—and 150 animals—in a difficult situation. About 10% of Grupa Pracuj staff took part in volunteer activity as part of the project.

CSR activities

We respond to COVID-19

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, CSR measures have played a huge role in the strategy of Grupa Pracuj. Alongside initiatives successfully pursued for several years and a special edition of the “Aid with W@W effect” campaign, in 2020 we also supported actions conducted by Warsaw Genomics aimed at increased access to coronavirus tests at a critical moment in the pandemic.

CSR activities

We help with entering the labor market

Since 2022, we have partnered with the Teach for Poland organization, to improve the quality of the education system in Poland. Our aim is to help the children in Polish elementary schools have the opportunity to discover their potential during their formal education and to be prepared for current and future labor market requirements. Our support allows EduLeaders - individuals who have the chance to bring about positive change to their school communities – to participate in a two-year mentoring program. Each EduLeader supports about 400 children and 4,000 people from their community.

CSR activities

We promote friendly recruitment

Full communication with candidates, sharing feedback at every stage of recruitment, employer’s image backed by candidates’ opinions, the highest standards of data security, and a partnership approach to potential employees—these are the best practices in employment which we support technologically and promote within the Coalition for Friendly Recruitment. The coalition was launched at the initiative of eRecruiter in 2013, and so far has been joined by over 370 employers who care about relationships with candidates and their experience in the recruitment process.

CSR activities

We educate and raise recruitment standards

We help employers learn how to recruit in an effective and friendly manner, and technology is an ally in these efforts. Through educational initiatives developed within eRecruiter, we provide employers with knowledge on how to use HR Tech tools to improve the quality and effectiveness of their work and to raise recruitment standards. Automation of processes and use of state-of-the-art solutions allows them to gain time for candidates, to meet their expectations and needs and provide them the best possible experience.