The leader in digital recruitment

The biggest recruitment platform
5,1 M
internet users
per month
1 M
mobile app
users per month
100 K
job offers
every day
57 K
The biggest Polish recruitment service is being visited by over 5m internet users every month. Through the most popular employment platform in Poland, our users apply for job offers only from verified employers, using a free CV creator and they know how to prepare for the recruitment process. is actively used by over 57,000 employers, posting an average of over 100,000 job offers on the site every day. is the most popular job board, and the number of employers and candidates using the site continues to grow. It is the platform of first choice. When you think job board, you think

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A leading player on the Ukrainian
online recruitment market

Visible in Ukraine
Data for the year 2021
2,9 M
online users
every month
25 K
25 K
job offers
every day has been part
of Grupa Pracuj since 2006

The platform's services include job offers, including offers for specialists, and support in creating employers' profile. is actively used by over 38,000 employers, posting an average of 77,000 job offers on the site every day.

Over the past three years, 45m CVs have been submitted to employers via

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Better quality of offers
and recruitment in the IT sector

Tested solutions
designed with
the tech sector
contact with
employer before
of projects
We care about IT candidates

the:protocol is a recruitment platform operating since 2021 dedicated to workers in the IT sector. We connect the best employers with specialists from the tech sector.

The platform provides recruiters and companies seeking IT experts support in preparing job offers with a high degree of detail, in order to reach candidates truly interested in the specific project.

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A leading platform for managing
recruitment processes

All stages of recruitment in one place
of job offers
of applications
with candidates
with business
of results
The most frequently used Polish recruitment support system

eRecruiter is regularly used by nearly 1,800 companies from dozens of sectors. eRecruiter is the employer's tech partner through every stage of recruitment process. It enables effective and efficient pursuit of recruitment processes and selection of the right tools for HR teams.

eRecruiter is available in a SaaS subscription model, so it can be used by SMEs and big companies. You can easily tailor it to your working style, team structure, and organizational needs.

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We Make Your Candidates

Comprehensive solutions in the area of Talent Aquisition Systems
more and better
attractive employer
save costs
softgarden is one of the leaders of the HR tech sector in Germany, with a presence also in other European markets.

Since 2003 the company has created comprehensive solutions in the area of talent acquisition systems, supporting innovative recruitment, including recruitment planning and management, creation of career pages, and generation of employer reviews and employee recommendations. softgarden also offers employers technologies enabling multiposting—automated publication of job offers on numerous sources. Through the development of its solutions, softgarden allows employers to cut recruitment times and increase the number of quality candidates.

A total of 1,700 employers use softgarden's services, mainly in Germany but also elsewhere in DACH and several other European countries. Since 2021 softgarden has also owned, a brand offering agile HR software for the SME sector, supporting efficient and transparent processes for managing employee absences.

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Platform for building an engaging
organizational culture

Organizational culture is potential
effective communication
and human engagement
employee benefits
in one place
cafeteria system
easy management
of workplace benefit fund
Engaging organizational culture

One platform for delivering all employee benefits, conducting internal communications, appreciating and caring for staff. Worksmile allows companies to engage and integrate their staff, encouraging them to be in touch and interact with initiatives pursued by the employer. To create a strong and engaging organizational culture founded on an integrated community and effective internal communications.Transparently developing a culture of appreciation for achievements, compliance with corporate values, engagement and loyalty.

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Simple absence management

Absence management, time tracking and digital personnel files in one solution
2,3 K
companies using
every day
90,2 K
3,9 M
absences entered
Simple absence management simplifies personnel management in small and medium-sized companies with the help of smart modular applications. Whether vacation and absence management, time tracking or digital personnel files.'s software solutions are intuitive, quick to use and easy to manage via browser or app. Even small teams can automate their HR processes, making them more user-friendly and cost-saving. The company's solutions are available in seven languages.

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